Why We Love the Renault ZOE

Here at Brown Brothers Renault we’re proud to supply the Renault ZOE, Europe’s number one selling Electric car.   We’ve watched as the electric market has grown from strength to strength with ZOE playing a pivotal role.

Gone are the days where the electric car was a vision for the future. They are here and now, and more of our customers everyday are making that switch

So we thought we would share with you some of the key reasons why people are making the move to Electric

  • The ‘Range’ is more than enough for most.

    In the early days of electric cars you didn’t get very far before you had to plug it in again. Making every-day practical use a problem. But now the Renault Zoe has a range of up to 250 miles on a single charge. So how does this compare to actual usage? Well did you know…the average UK motorist drives only 35 miles per day. Proving that ZOE has more than enough ‘range’ for daily use. Even if your work in Edinburgh or Glasgow your daily commute would be done with ease.

  • Ideal second car

    Now there’s no doubt that some people will look to make frequent long journeys each year.  Visiting friends, family or exploring the country.  For that reason we have met many people who see ZOE as their ideal ‘second’ car.  We’ve yet to meet a family who need two cars that have the ability to keep driving with only a short petrol stop.

  • Charge Network

    Expanding all the time, there are more and more places to stop and charge.  While you are shopping or at the cinema, plus fast-charging locations at service stations.  You’re unlikely ever to be stuck.   And even then, depending on your daily use you might not need to charge away from home.  We know one customer who travels to her work every day, charges once or twice per week overnight at home, and in 4 years of owning ZOE has never once had to charge away from her home.

  • Cost

    We recognise the cost to purchase an electric car may be more than an equivalent petrol vehicle.   10,000 miles per year in a car that does 40mpg with petrol at £1.15 per litre will cost £4,390 over 3 years.  The equivalent in ZOE in terms of electricity?  £900. Want to compare your car to ZOE, use our fuel cost calculator here

  • Driving experience

    With instant power delivery plus a steady stream of Torque throughout the range you really notice the responsiveness of the drive when you press the accelerator.  There is also a lot less engine noise meaning that our customers tell us that ZOE is a pleasure to drive

  • Environment

    As we come to our final point for now, we’re surprised ourselves that this wasnt our number one.  It certainly used to be the main reason that people enquired about electric cars.  But in years gone by they were doing their bit for the environment whilst forgoing some of the practical applications of petrol and diesel.  Now we’re pleased to say you can do both.   And with the introduction of clean air zones to many UK cities what better time to make the switch

If electric car ownserhip sounds like it could be for you, then give us a call or pop in for a chat.  We look forward to seeing you.

*Electricity rates varies from household to household.  This is based on calculation of 3p per mile.