No matter how old your car is, regardless of complications, and always including labour, genuine Honda car parts and VAT – our prices are fixed.

Here’s our repairs pricelist, so you know what you should and will be charged when you come in to see our Honda-trained technicians to get a bit of work done.

Fixed prices for essential repairs*


Front brake pads (excluding Civic Type R & Type R Turbo) £136
Rear brake pads £136
Front brake pads and discs (excluding Civic Type R & Type R Turbo) £329
Rear brake pads and discs £329
Front brake pads (Civic Type R / Type R Turbo) £221 / £270
Front brake pads and discs (Civic Type R / Type R Turbo) £454 / £681
Battery £155
2 Front wiper blades £38
1 Rear wiper blade £21
1 Pollen filter £54
Air filter £55
Front Drop links (each) £138
Spark plugs Iridium £197 (set of four)
Spark plugs Iridium £352 (set of eight)
Spark plugs steel £97 (set of four)
Spark plugs steel £150 (set of eight)
Coolant change £93
Brake fluid change £73
CVT oil change £115
Air con service (up to 2016) £65
Manual gearbox oil £93
Automatic transmission fluid £93
Clutch fluid £42
Transfer box oil £88
Differential oil £93
Petrol fuel filter (P1 external) £85
Petrol fuel filter (P2 internal) £174
Diesel Fuel Filter £126
Timing belt (excludes Civic 1.0 Turbo Petrol) £254
Auxiliary belt £101
Front wheel bearing £287
Rear wheel bearing £287
Clutch Kit (including release bearing) £815
Front wheel alignment £35
Four wheel alignment £70
Valve Clearance £125
Sat Nav Software Update £45

For more information and latest prices on Fixed Price Repairs, contact Brown Brothers Honda.

1. At participating Honda Dealers only. 2. Excludes Honda NSX. 3. Price includes car parts, labour and VAT. 4. Prices subject to change without prior notice 5. Extra charges may be incurred if parts are seized or broken.

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