0% Finance Repairs

Making the cost of vehicle repairs manageable .

Use Brown Brothers and Payment Assist to split your monthly payments into chunks

How it works:


Susan has an unexpected car repair bill for £400, but doesn't have available funds to cover it.


She pays just £100 today as a deposit to take out the finance plan, and is soon back on the road.


She pays a further £100 per month for three more months, and then she's all done. Simple!

Payment Assist allows you to spread the cost of you bill over 4 instalments.

We take a 25% deposit on the day, followed by 3 monthly payments.

The loan is interest and fee free.

There is a 98% acceptance rate so you can apply with confidence.

For more information please contact us on 01721 723 723 or use the enquiry form below.

To learn more about Payment Assist please visit - www.payment-assist.co.uk

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